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At Sell my car Sussex we have more than 30 years experience helping our customers sell a car or scrap a car. We provide an expert and flexible service that is available all over the UK, with no hidden fees or charges.

Our ‘sell my car’ service is easy to use and has been tailored by our years of experience and customer feedback. You can contact us by filling out our online proposal form, or you can get in touch by phone on 07921 099609 or 0800 0699 609. Whichever option you choose, we will take certain information from you and then make an assessment of your vehicle.

We have a diverse range of industry contacts and years of experience with used car pricing, which enables us to make a cash offer for your car which is usually on the money. As long as the vehicle is as described then this offer is final and we won’t try and persuade you to drop your price when we come to pick up the car, as you might experience with a private sale.

In fact, at Sell my car Sussex we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and comfortable service that makes it easy to sell a car for cash. If you’re happy with the cash price we offer then we can arrange to come and pick the car up whenever suits you – and from a location that you choose. Our service is completely free and flexible, and includes evenings and weekends, so we can work entirely to your schedule.

Whatever kind of car you have, and whatever state it may be in, we will consider it. In most cases we are able to make an offer for the vehicle, but even if we can’t we will provide you with impartial advice on the best way to dispose of your car. If you want to scrap a car then we can handle that too – we ensure that the vehicle is taken to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) licenced by the environment agency and the DVLA, and that the proper authorities are notified about the change in ownership – and the fact that the car has been scrapped.

At Sell my car Sussex we are interested in cars with many miles on the clock, as well as those with little or no mileage. We will make an offer for a nearly new model, as well as a rust bucket that is on its last legs. Even if your car is stuck in the garage with a hefty repairs bill, we will still be happy to buy it. If your car has outstanding finance then we are experienced in dealing with finance companies and can provide advice on how to sell a car with a third party interest in it. Our service is fast, professional, courteous and efficient and we are interested in almost any type of vehicle, whether it’s a car for scrap or a car for sale – Sell my car Sussex can still offer you a cash price

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I’ve been offered more money by a car dealer to part exchange my car. Can you offer the same?



I needed to sell my car urgently, sell my car surrey came round within 2 hours and the car was gone. Fantastic service.

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