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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sell my car but the MOT has expired?

We are quite happy to purchase cars with no MOT. We feel all used cars do have some sort of value.

My car is Left Hand Drive?

No problem. We will buy left hand drive cars.

I’ve lost my V5 registration document, can I still sell my car?

You must have this document to be able to sell your car to us. Apply for a new one by completing a V62; or pick up one at the post office. It must be registered in your name and at your address.

I’ve been offered more money by a car dealer to part exchange my car. Can you offer the same?

There may be a very big margin in the car they are selling you. By offsetting some of this against the valuation of your part exchange may make you feel like you are getting a good deal. It is however just false economy, it’s better to have the cash and make a deal yourself and know where you stand.

I have outstanding finance, can I sell my car to you?

There are two options available to you;

You can settle your finance directly with your finance company – we will require written confirmation from your finance company that they have received full cleared payment when we collect your car.

We can settle it for you – you will need to contact your finance company to obtain a settlement figure – which we will simply deduct from the valuation of your car and pay on your behalf – data protection laws require that you obtain the settlement figure- we require this in writing from the finance company.

NB – If you owe more than the sale price of your car to the finance company – you will need to pay the balance prior to us collecting the car – we will require written confirmation of this from your finance company when we collect your car.

Do you buy imports?

Yes, but bear in mind that their valuations will be different to equivalent non-import.

How does your valuation system work?

We use many sources including guides & auction prices. Most importantly we use our experience of the current market conditions. You may be surprised what differences there are in opinion on valuations. Please remember to give us a call, you never know.

Will I get my money straight away?

Funds are always available and we try for a 24 hour turnaround service. You will get your money when we collect your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been offered more money by a car dealer to part exchange my car. Can you offer the same?



I needed to sell my car urgently, sell my car surrey came round within 2 hours and the car was gone. Fantastic service.